* The Flutes *
This page lists each of the hand crafted flutes that are currently available for purchase. The sound file for each flute is recorded with a mild echo effect. Upon request, a flat, or dry version can be forwarded to you via E-mail.

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Ancient Kauri Fm. "Vieja Linda" 3 of 3, second series
Before addressing this build, I should outline the characteristics of some of the materials used. This NEW ZEALAND KAURI is bogwood. The variety is indigenous to New Zealand, and is approximately 50, ... more
Ecuadorean Ziricote F#m- Free domestic shipping (SOLD)
This Ziricote flute was built with a one inch bore diameter, and is 19 inches in length. This is my first build with this hardwood. It was difficult, but won’t be my last.

The mouthpiece is formed f ... more

African Amazique Em...Free domestic shipping (SOLD)
This equatorial African hardwood is also known a Shedua, and is not unlike bubinga, on a cellular level. The material is characterized as an exceptional tone wood. This particular flute is 24-3/4 inch ... more
California Buckeye Burl F#m...Free Domestic Shipping
A burl is an anomaly, or growth that will typically develop underground, on a root. They’re rare, and highly prized for their complex grain pattern. This particular piece began as a tool destroying mi ... more
Spalted Maple Burl oval Em...Price reduced & free domestic shipping (SOLD)
This was an interesting project. During the time spent building this flute, it spoke to me in about 9 different languages. Unfortunately, I only understood two of them.

Built from very lively maple ... more

Oklahoma red cedar F#m...Free Domestic Shipping
This instrument has a barrel diameter of 7/8" and is 20-15/16" in overall length. The mouthpiece section consists of twice dyed/stabilized, box elder burl, between layers of African ebony, and capped ... more
Goncalo Alves D#..Free domestic shipping
I consulted a highly respected and nationally recognized flute builder, who shall remain nameless…as to what he thought of D# for a fundamental on a flute. He said “I LOVE D#...it’s my favorite” so I ... more
Curly Maple Em...Free Domestic Shipping (SOLD)
This flute has an overall length of 25-3/4” with a one inch bore diameter. The harvest location of the maple is unknown. Woods used consist of maple, between layers of SE Asian amboyna burl, capped wi ... more
Huangana Negra Fm...Free Domestic Shipping (SOLD)
Huangana Negra is a Peruvian hardwood, and one of my favorites. I'm currently the only flutemaker to turn this material into a flute. The instrument is 22-9/16" in length, with a one inch bore diamete ... more
Huangana Negra Em Alt. tuning. Free shipping (SOLD)
This flute is tuned to the 2/5 Pentatonic scale, made popular by the late Leonard Lone Crow McGann. The finger holes reflect the notes of E, F#, G#, A, B, C# and E. A simple yet complex tuning for a l ... more
Curly Maple Alt. Drone F#m...Price reduced & Free domestic shipping
This sequentially alternating drone flute is 22-3/4” in length, with bore diameters approximating one inch. The mouthpiece is shaped from laminates of dyed/stabilized box elder burl, between layers o ... more
Huangana Negra Fm...Free Domestic Shipping
This Peruvian hardwood flute is 21-7/8" in length, with a one inch bore diameter, and tuned to F minor. Materials used, beginning at the mouthpiece, include SE Asian amboyna burl, between layers of Af ... more
Alowood Fm...Free Domestic Shipping
A little information about the wood. This material is plantation grown Radiata pine, wherein the material has colorized cornstarch pressure blown through the wood, creating all the characteristics of ... more
Poplar Em...Free domestic shipping (SOLD)
I don’t know the specific location where this material was harvested, but I would guess it’s from wherever they grow a lot of poplar.

The flute is 24 inches long, with a one inch bore diameter. The ... more

Cherry Alt. Drone, Am...Free Domestic Shipping
This drone flute is 16-1/4 inches in length, with 1 inch bore diameters, and a little touch of attitude.

The mouthpiece consists of twice dyed, stabilized box elder burl, between layers of SE Asian ... more

Ancient Kauri G#m
Again, in building a flute from my favorite tonewood, I've accented this 50,000 year old wood, with some materials that are as old, and older, than the Kauri itself. Before discussing the build, a bri ... more
Ancient NZ Kauri Fm..Free domestic shipping (SOLD)
Occasionally, I’ll build a flute with many ancient materials, dating back as far as 6 billion years. This is not one of those flutes, although a few of the materials are pretty old. Specifically, the ... more
Virginia Walnut Fm...Free domestic shipping
This flute is 22-5/8 inches in length, with a one inch bore diameter, tuned to F minor. Woods used in this build, beginning at the mouthpiece, include Mexican cocobolo between layers of Oklahoma Osage ... more